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2018. febr. 4. ségének vizsgálata a Mátrai Tájvédelmi Körzetben magnitude of diet selectivity of grazers is decreasing with increasing grazing intensity. Goose (Anser erythropus) and larger goose species in the Hortobágy National .

Geese are reared under a variety of feeding programs. In the production of "farm geese," the goslings are given starter feed for about 2 weeks and then allowed .

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2015. jún. 30. Gyógynövényteák flavonoid-tartalmának vizsgálata. The hepatoprotective milk plasma of rats fed diets containing rutin and querce- tin. J. Nutr. 125. p. the case of butter, pig fat, goose fat, or margarine, we do not have .

Borzasztani, cs. i. to make (one) shudder ; to make (one) turn goose-flesh all over; to make one's hair stand on end Dercze , fn. coarse meal ; coarse powder; — burnót, fn. rupee ; —kenyér , fn. coarse bread. Felülvizsgálat, fn. revision.

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2017. jún. 22. Table 2: Montly changes in Hooded Crow's diet composition, Table 3: Diet composition of Hooded Crow based on 134 pellets, Ost A vadászati nyomás vizsgálata NYÁRI LÚD (Anser anser) FAJKEZELÉSI TERV MAGYARORSZÁGON = MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR GREYLAG GOOSE (Anser.